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Bay area blackjack


More Fun than Nevada style Blackjack!
Add Buster Blackjack® and WIN up to 200 times your bet!

You can hear the cheers across the floor when the Dealer busts. That’s because all Buster bettors are getting paid! The more cards in the Dealer’s busted hand, the higher the payout.

We add Jokers to the deck for more action and more payouts.

  • Players win if their first two cards are Jokers. Pays 4:1
  • Players win if their first two cards are suited Aces. Pays 2:1
  • Players are paid 6:5 for any Blackjack unless the Dealer also has Blackjack.
  • Players also win if they don’t go over 21 and the Dealer goes over 21 or the Dealer doesn’t go over 21 but the Player is closer to 21.
  • If a Player busts on 22 and the Dealer also busts on 22, they push. We offer the only Blackjack game in the area where you can bust and still have a chance to get your money back!

That is why the players say the Action
is HOT at our Blackjack tables!

The Buster Bonus Bet is an exciting addition to the normal play of Hot Action Blackjack.
This bet allows you to wager on the Dealer going over 21-busting!
If the Dealer does go over 21, all Buster Blackjack wagers will be paid according to the following Pay Table:

8 Cards  200:1
7 Cards  40:1
6 Cards  15:1
5 Cards  4:1
4 Cards  3:1
3 Cards 1:1


With a bet of just $5
you can win $1000!

All wagers are made against the Player/Dealer and are paid or collected only to the extent that the Player/Dealer’s wager covers the action.


Play Hot Action Blackjack® at the Bay Area’s Best Casino!

If you are looking for Blackjack in the Bay Area, look no further than the California Grand Casino in Pacheco.  We’ve been voted the Best Casino in the East Bay every year since 2013!

Our Bay Area casino near Concord and Pacheco is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with fast paced and fun Blackjack action.  Everyone wants a good game, and that is our focus.  Add friendly dealers, great food, and Blackjack rules that favor the players, and you can see why our Hot Action Blackjack game is so popular.

GEGA 1334, 2295