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Progressive Jackpots

Progressive Jackpots – Your Chance at a HUGE Payday!

Welcome back readers! While the weather may be getting colder, the action is always hot inside the California Grand Casino! Many of you are familiar with our huge bad beat jackpots, which allow a person who loses a pot with a superior hand to make a large amount of money. With the recent addition of double jackpot hours from 2-4am and 8-10am daily, the total prize has the potential to swell to $200,000! There are a multitude of ways to claim your share of the many big cash prizes we have…here’s how it’s done.

High Hand Bonuses

On Mondays through Saturdays we offer $100 to the best poker hand made every four hour period across all of the Texas Hold’em games. It doesn’t matter if you play 3-6 limit hold ’em or $500 buy in no-limit, everyone is in the mix. If you make a hand that is aces full or better (AAA22, both of your cards must be used), and that is the highest hand so far in the time period, your name goes on the board! The person with the highest hand at the end of the four hour period wins $100, and then it resets and starts all over again! It gets even better on Sundays with our current extended summer/fall High Hand Explosion promotion! On Sundays during certain times the High Hand is awarded every hour and sometimes the prize doubles to $200! Considering our $500 added no limit hold ’em tournament Sunday mornings, dozens of flat screens and great football food specials, you don’t want to miss out on Sundays at the California Grand Casino.

Progressive Royal Flush Bonuses

There’s no limit to how much you can win by making the best hand in poker, the royal flush. For Texas Hold ’em the royal flush bonuses for each suit start at $50 and increase by $50 every day they are not hit. Earlier this week the diamond royal flush was approaching $1,000! Don’t worry Omaha players, we’ve got great bonuses for you too including progressive royal flush bonuses. When these get big the game catches fire! Be sure to check the monitors on the west wall when you come in to see how much the bonuses are worth.

Texas Hold’em Mini Bad Beat Jackpot

We also have a mini bad beat jackpot. To hit the jackpot, all you need is to make aces full of jacks or better (AAAJJ), and have it beat by four of a kind or better, and you win a share of $5,000! $3,000 goes to the losing hand and $2,000 gets split up among the remaining eligible players at the table. So, if you were dealt into the hand that qualifies you win a share of that cash prize, even if you folded!

Omaha Bad Beat Jackpot

Our Omaha game has a jackpot of its very own. Make get quad jacks or better (JJJJx) beat by anything and you win half of the $5,000 prize while the rest of the table splits the other half. Just like the other jackpots, if you are dealt into the jackpot hand, you share in the prize!

Texas Hold ‘Em Super Bad Beat Jackpot and Double Jackpot

This is the big one folks. California Grand has already paid over $15,000,000 to players! The jackpot starts at $70,000 and increases $200 every day it’s not hit. Between 2-4am and again from 8-10am, if you hit the super jackpot, your table will split the lion’s share of at least $140,000 and all it takes to win a $200 room share is to be an eligible player at any live poker game when the double jackpot is hit! We just had one player win $83,600 last month. Twenty-two players also won $200 each and the other 8 players at his table got $9,900 each! That’s a lot of happy winners! As I write this blog (10/24/14), our double jackpot is currently at $155,200! You too could be one of the many lucky winners at California Grand Casino The potential is there to score a $100,000 payday if lady luck happens to swing your way!

With all of the action and so many different ways to win, make sure you don’t get left out in the cold this fall and get in to the action at California Grand Casino! Until next time, see you at the tables!


Learn To Play Event

Learn To Play Poker With 97.3 The Game’s John Lund – October 9th

Right now is the best time to be a poker player. Poker fever is running high. Poker is among the most popular card games in the world. New players are entering into the game every day in large numbers. As a result the coverage of poker on television in books and online-gaming brings more players to the game everyday. This is among the reasons why we are seeing casinos and cardrooms popping up throughout the state of California and all over the country for that matter. But how does one learn to play poker and get up to speed quickly so that you feel comfortable playing in a cardroom or casino with real people of all ages at varying levels of skill all vying to win some cold hard cash? Let’s face it Youtube training videos can only take you so far.

Well now here’s your chance. California Grand Casino located in Pacheco along with 95.7 The Game’s John Lund are hosting a free Learn to Play Poker session on Thursday October 9th from 6p-8p. We are going to teach the first 20 players who sign up how to play the game of poker. It’s easy it’s fun and there’s no risk!

To make Learn to Play Poker at Cal Grand fun for all we are offering some fabulous door prizes to the first 20 people who sign up. Some of the prizes include Raiders tickets, Stanford football tickets, movie theater tickets, Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk tickets, and more. Free food and non-alcoholic drinks are included plus the first 20 players to sign up will receive a coupon for $100 in FREE Match Play chips to be used at a future visit-pretty good deal right?

It takes knowledge, skill and practice to become a good poker player. But we all had to start somewhere: the beginning. It can be intimidating for some to walk into a casino or cardroom with rusty poker skills from days gone by or even worse little playing experience. Understandable! Poker instruction from a dealer is one of the very best and quickest ways to pick up the game or fine-tune your strategy. At Cal Grand you will have the unique opportunity to be taught by one of our most popular players and trainers David Okimoto or Oki as we affectionately refer to him (also our resident Blog Writer so check out his recent stories about becoming a professional poker player).

The key is to take that first step to learning the basics of poker. Then test your ability by playing a variety of poker formats such as Hold’Em or Omaha, or eventually tournaments. This will speed up and help improve your poker game. Cal Grand offers a weekly Sunday Texas Hold’em tournament starting at 10:30 and a High Hands starting at 8am.

We hope to see you Thursday October 9th from 6p-8p at our Learn to Play Poker night at California Grand Casino. Come watch the National Division Playoff games on anyone of our 22 big screen TV’s, enjoy some free food and drinks, and discover why poker is one of the most popular card games in the world.

And remember,the first 20 to sign up at the California Grand Casino will receive a seat at the Learn to Play Poker table. Not interested in Poker? Check out the bay areas best Baccarat, Pai Gow, and Hot Action Blackjack tables!