New Game: Face Up Pai Gow Poker

California Grand Casino gives you the best game variety and bonuses! That’s why we’ve introduced our new game- Face Up Pai Gow Poker – a new and exciting take on the game of Pai Gow, also known as Double Hand Poker. With Face Up Pai Gow Poker, players can win big.

The rules are simple, make a five-card hand and a two-card hand rank higher than the player-dealer’s five and two-card hands.

What makes Face Up Pai Gow fun and profitable is the dealer’s hand is shown to you first before you set your hands. This gives you the advantage of knowing what hands you must beat! When a player-dealer has a seven-card Ace-high hand, then all of the players’ hands will push (or tie) and your wager is returned to you.

You can make the Ace High bonus wager on the dealer having an Ace-high hand. We have better payouts on the Ace-high bonus bet, up to 45 – 1 v. the 40-1 payouts elsewhere!

With our Fortune Bonus Bet on your hand and win up to 5000 times your wager and also win an Envy payout on other players’ winning hands.

That is why we are your Best Bet in the Bay Area.  With so many opportunities to win and have fun, you’ll want to keep playing our newest game! Learn more about Face Up Pai Gow Poker and stay as long as you’d like in our 24/7 facility. Take the chance to order food and drinks at our on-site Grand Café in between games. We look forward to having you visit California Grand Casino!