Hot Action Black Jack - California Grand Casino

Fan Favorite: Hot Action Blackjack!

When you walk into California Grand Casino looking for a fun new game to try, look no further than Hot Action Blackjack! This is a more player-friendly version of blackjack. Hot Action Blackjack offers better action and better odds than Vegas. By adding Jokers to the deck, there are more winning hands and payouts for players. Jokers can count as a 12 or a 2. Players win more when Jokers appear, and players don’t bust at 22 if the dealer also holds a 22.

Players win if:

  • Their first two cards are Jokers. Pays 4:1
  • Their first two cards are suited Aces. Pays 2:1

Players are also paid 6:5 for any Blackjack unless the Dealer also has a Blackjack. If a Player and the Dealer both bust on 22, they push. You can bust and still have a chance to get your money back.

Our Buster Bonus Bet gives Players the opportunity to win up to 200 times on their bonus wager.  You can bet on the Dealer going over 21, with massive payouts based on the number of cards in the dealer hand:

  • 8 Cards: 200:1
  • 7 Cards: 40:1
  • 6 Cards: 15:1
  • 5 Cards: 4:1
  • 4 Cards: 3:1
  • 3 Cards 1:1

With the addition of Jokers, and the opportunity for dealer busts that pay more, you could turn a $5 bet into a win of $1000!

The California Grand Casino also allows you to wager on the dealer hand against all the other players unlike Nevada or Indian Casinos. California Grand Casino lets you Play and Win with Hot Action Blackjack!

With so many ways to win, the California Grand Casino is Your Best Bet in the Bay Area.