How to play EZ Baccarat

What is EZ Baccarat?:

Baccarat is one of the most popular table games in American Casinos, and the undisputed king in Macau. Many variations of the game exist worldwide, varying by region. At the California Grand Casino we play EZ Baccarat, a variant popular in all of California and the East Bay and all across San Francisco Bay area.

How to play EZ Baccarat:

As the name implies EZ Baccarat is fast and easy to play.

  • There are 2 hands: the Player and the Banker.
  • The dealer deals 2 cards for each hand. Depending on the initial card values, each hand may also be dealt a third card.
  • You bet on which hand will end up with a point value closest to nine (9).
  • You add up the cards in each hand and count only the last digit. So a 19 is a 9.


You can wager on either the Player or the Banker hand having the highest total, or you can wager on a tie. A Player or Banker wager pays even money. A tie wager wins 9:1. EZ Baccarat plays like traditional Baccarat but eliminates the 5% commission on winning Banker hand wagers by making the hand a push when the Banker hand wins with a three card seven.

Bonus Wagers:

  • Dragon 7: this bet is won if a banker hand wins with a 3 card 7. The pay-out is 40:1.
  • Panda 8:  this bet is won if a player hand wins with a 3 card 8. The Pay-out is 25:1.
  • Tie:  this bet is won when the banker and the player hands reach a tie. The pay-out is 9:1


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